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Our Blasting Division specializes in safe, accurate blasting using the latest in technology. Blasting requires preparation, design, and execution. It is important to have a company that understands the complete process of a residential, commercial, demolition or industrial blast. Each is unique and require special training, specialized equipment, and experience.
Twehous Excavating brings years of experience and knowledge to every blasting project and has been blasting rock longer than any other contractor in Missouri. Our work is displayed throughout the Midwest in highways, airports, commercial projects and other developments. Twehous Excavating has a variety of equipment incorporating the latest technology, allowing us to provide blasting for almost any size project and providing you the lowest possible cost for your particular job. Our explosives engineers are all licensed and hold all of the required insurance. We work closely with state and federal officials to ensure that all of our activities are in compliance with local, state and federal law.

Our blasting personnel includes 12 licensed professionals and a support staff of 8 with a fleet of 15 drills. We incorporate state of the art drills, drilling techniques, and blasting methods as well as hydraulic breakers for specialty work. We are committed to providing a safe skilled team of professionals to handle your blasting needs by participating in safety programs, safety training, and ongoing blaster training.

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